Innovation from Healthcare's Front Lines

Our founder, Dr. Matt Cumella, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a board specialty in Geriatrics. He’s seen firsthand the power patients can access when they’re equipped with the right tools to succeed, and how modern technology and research have revolutionized rehabilitative care in institutional settings. Yet, this same spirit of research-based innovation hasn’t carried forward to everyday use tools. Users, caregivers, and providers are left limited in the process.


Inspired by this gap between needs & current products, Dr. Cumella wanted to use his experience to discover better solutions which would allow his patients greater autonomy in their everyday lives – from hospital to home to community. And so he invented what would become Nuvio One in his garage.

Our Vision

Nuvio is equipping people with the tools they need to stay safe and independent. We’re helping unlock freedom of movement through smart, portable solutions that make it easier for people to move, recover, and live their best.

Today's advances in technology and research are opening up an entirely new world of possibilities for those with limited mobility. Investing the time, energy, and tools is every bit worth it to us for your safety & well-being.