If you have any questions regarding Nuvio One, please call our Support Team or email us directly at [email protected]. Additionally, you can find answers to common questions below.
Will insurance reimburse for NuvioOne?
Nuvio One has FSA/HSA eligibility. We will be working with insurers to get Nuvio One covered by reimbursement, though this is often a lengthy process and can result in minimum reimburse based on current Medicare and other insurer coding. Due to limitations in choice, lack of quality in traditional covered products, long wait times, and expensive deductibles, many ultimately prefer to self-pay.
How much does Nuvio One weigh?
Nuvio One weighs 18 lbs, which is about the weight of an average walker or rollator.
Do you offer payment plans?
We are working to offer payment plans
What is your return policy?
Starting when Nuvio One is available for delivery in Fall 2023, you’ll have 30 days from point of purchase to try Nuvio One with a Money Back Guarantee.
I represent a clinic/rehab hospital/hospital - how do I purchase NuvioOne?
We’re working to create vendor partnerships & hope to make Nuvio One available for hospital/clinic purchase soon! Please join our waitlist to receive updates.
Does Nuvio One fold or collapse?
Nuvio One collapses to a compact carrying position, making it very travel friendly and easy to store.